Brief introduction of company

The land land of Zhejiang was established in 1994 along shoes industry limited company, was outstanding enterprises of 100 tops of nonstate-owned economy of Zhejiang Province, the star enterprise of Yongjia county and key leading enterprise, Construction Bank credit unit " AAA " of Zhejiang Province, China quality inspection association deputy chairman's unit. The company passes ISO9002 international quality system authentication smoothly at the end of 99, is a large-scale shoes manufacturing enterprise, " 66 is obeyed" serial leather shoes win the supreme honor of Chinese leather trade " in production --The Chinese genuine leather marked the products, had inspected by random samples and got" the high-class product " by the quality surveillance inspection center of the national shoes for two years in succession in 2000 , 2001, the sticky leather shoes were awarded the national honorary title of products exempt from inspection by the general bureau of quality testing in 2002.
The company insists on the " based on quality , make every effort to achieve brands , serve the general public , establish the image " management tactics, take the way with one's own development characteristic in line with the " united , practical , strive , innovate enterprise idea ", have proposed making the immediate objectives of " first brand leather shoes of Chinese ordinary people " and achieving the long-term goal of " world-famous brand " separately.
LuShun Lu Company located in Wenzhou city Ou north town, the factory building covers an area of 39960 square meters, fixed assets are more than 60 million yuan, 8 modernized shoes-making assembly lines, the staff are more than 1000, over ten thousand pairs leather shoes of Nissan. Consist of 7 area in the whole country, 46 sell Company directly to households, more than 1000 have a monopoly in the chain store, the shop and special counter in more than 1500 shops, the products sell well in all parts of the country. Company is it meet the arrival of " WTO " to finish actively, obtain imports and exports weigh on one's own account, products find a good sale in Southeast Asia , Italy , Germany , Russia international market, have established the production company of transnational investment --Peaceful company of Rome of Italy.

Land land take a shower spring breeze of reform and opening-up along people , rely on Wenzhou people dare for world previous spirit, excavate the culture of " shoes and sports ", one " indomitable struggling hard " play-acting as enterprising spirit , is it to production , scientific research and is it pay to develop to implement conscientiously, make enterprises embody vitality everywhere. Breaking through the high , new , difficult problem constantly in scientific research, successively obtained four national patents. Reached the ability to develop 1000 left fund every year in product design and development at the same time , can meet the masses of consumers' demands in time .

Strengthen internal management while setting up the image outside along shoes industry limited company in the land land of Zhejiang, implement the responsibility system of management by objectives and channel into CS customer and is satisfied with the service system in an all-round way, walk on the way of running big and making strong enterprises the more suitable . A at present one " 66 suitable" one bright pearl already, a future one " 66 suitable" will be a dazzling sun!