Enterprise's idea

Enterprise's aim: Realize the personal ideal, pursue enterprises and progress , bring about an advance in society
Enterprise's mission: Sample the beauty of life for the mankind and make great efforts ;
Enterprising spirit: Indomitable and struggling hard;
Enterprise's values: I work, I am happy;
Management theory: Multi-win ability is for a long time ;
Distributor whether we exploit market eternal partner, consumers are the foundation that we can survive . Only the mutual reciprocity and mutual benefit, have a role to play, participate in making common progress just now each.
Advertising language: Living needs work steadily and make solid progress
Job creed: Whether do a glorious land land obey people.
Talent's view: Enterprises set up the stage, talents act in an opera;
Believe in staff wealth of enterprise and at all , talent development and future of enterprise, guarantee outstanding talents become the first beneficiary who enterprises developed. Gather talents, train talents , respect talents, through developing , encouraging , training , examining the mechanism , put up the platform displaying one's talent for the staff, create long-range and wide development chance and space for staff.
Competition mechanism; The mediocre one give up the chance, the weak wait for the chance, the wise seize the opportunity , the powerhouse creates the chance;
Whether choose the right person the idea . Offer the environment of fair competition , space offering freedom to study and try;
Manage the idea : We tolerate the staff and make mistakes , but can't tolerate the staff and make the same mistake ; We think that to encourage and train far is more important than to punish and dismiss.